A female pastry chef from Egypt hosts a penis-shaped muffin feast. The police arrested her and later interrogated her

Powers of Security Egyptians have arrested a pastry chef who served penis-shaped muffins at a private party at a sports club in Cairo’s rich neighborhood. Defender.

He was arrested at his home after party members shared photos of muffins on social media, a recent example of the Egyptian government’s efforts to curb public morality targeting women.

State publications have reported that security forces have identified the creator of the muffins based on information provided by witnesses.

Egyptian tabloids have long reported on muffins, but the offensive decorations in the photos have faded.

After being questioned by prosecutors, he was released on nearly $ 250 bail.

The case came to the attention of Dr Ashraf Sophie, the youth and sports minister who oversees clubs like Kesira where the party was held.

Sophie said a commission would be set up to investigate the incident and punish the culprits.

The woman was interrogated by a For example Egyptian actress Rania Youssef was recently accused of “violating Islam and violating the values ​​of the Egyptian family” after talking about her physique on a television station.

Earlier this month, the two women met on the Dictok stage, which they did last year In prison They were also acquitted for “violating family values” and harming public morals.

In June 2020, the famous dancer Sama El Masri was sentenced to three years in prison, a Is good 300,000 Egyptian pounds (equivalent to 14,025 pounds) Defendants And “immorality.”

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