Pierre Lucy: “Nobody here wants to go back to curfews and curfews”

Governor Pierre Pierre Lucci on Monday urged citizens to be vaccinated against the escalation of COVID-19 infections, noting that “no one here wants to return to the curfew and curfew for several days”.

“We continue to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. In the last few weeks, we have seen significant increases in the incidence of infections, especially among the undiagnosed. For this reason, I call for vaccination because vaccination is the solution. “Looking at what’s happening with infections, I hope those who have not been vaccinated have done it now,” Pierre Louie said in a written statement.

Yesterday, the health sector positive rate was 6.9 per cent, up from 1.33 per cent a month ago.

“The scientific evidence is overwhelming and overwhelming that the vast majority of victims, hospitalizations and deaths are unknown, have other illnesses or have compromised immune systems. For this reason, all citizens must accept responsibility for our collective health, accept the recommendations of the Department of Health to vaccinate, and all The mask should be applied to closed areas that have not been vaccinated, “Pierre Lucy said.

As of Sunday, the estimated population still to be vaccinated was about 723,250, according to Chief Medical Officer Iris Cardona. Of these, 121 thousand are between the ages of 12 and 19.

“I believe in the cooperation of our people to achieve the immunity that will help defeat this epidemic,” Pierre said.

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