PHOTOS: Rosalia conquers Paris in sheer miniskirt and yellow beach shirt

After more than a year of success, the singer Rosalia He bid farewell to his “MotoMami” tour with a successful concert in Paris There he had the opportunity to visit some of the most famous sites. True to form, he wore some of his best Clothes And among these is a love with a yellow shirt and a See-through skirt It added a touch of glamor that characterized her so much.

The Translator of “Bizcochito”. He toured countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and achieved great success. London. But he made time in his busy schedule to visit the major tourist attractions in each of these places, always hand in hand. The impact is visible It allowed him to show great tendencies.

Rosalia shines in Paris in a transparent tight skirt. Photo: IG @rosalia.vt

As he toured the streets of Paris, it has a tight texture See-through skirt It has yellow lace in its design to add a romantic touch and matches with the short sleeve shirt it comes with Y2K style Which brings back Elements of the 2000s. She complemented her outfit with high latex boots and gave it even more delicacy And sensuality to her appearance, as well as dark glasses.

“‘Motomami’ is over, but my thanks to God, my family, my team and everyone who supported me is a lifetime. ‘Motomami’ was a whirlwind that brought and took away so many things in my life that I don’t even know where to start. Thank you to all the Motomami in the world for giving me so much love during this time. I want each of you to know that I adore you and never take you for granted because you mean what I do and you are the best thing that ever happened to me. See you soon.” wrote the singer.

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Rosalia’s appearance in Paris. Photo: IG @rosalia.vt

Rosalia’s romantic appearance in Paris

when Rosalia Seen in leather outfits and glamorous outfits with black or red tones on stage, she showed she wasn’t afraid to experiment with additions outside of presentations. Intense colors Always think about their clothes trends At this time and with tender details make them their own.

As was the case during her Paris visit, she wore an oversized black sweatshirt with pink and blue detailing on the sleeves. One more thing Y2K type skirt She filled some with a cat print WanderersA great look for long walks always ready for changes in weather.

However, he is a favorite of his followers Pink slip dress Perfect for summer. Romantic design dress with delicate floral print and lace on the neckline Heart shape, as in the lower part of a skirt. combined it with aGreen sneakers With silk details and braids in her hairstyle.

Rosalia looks romantic in a pink bra. Photo: IG @rosalia.vt

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Her most humbling moment was Rosalia’s first television appearance at the age of 15, where she sang Deadly.

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