After a stolen HR and being trolled, Ellie responded with this

After a stolen HR and being trolled, Ellie responded with this

\n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”oembed”,”width”:550,”contentType”:”rich”},{“__typename”:”Markdown”,”You took two pieces of content\n” A 456-foot return rocket that blasted at 113.7 mph ripped a white Toyota Sequoia through one of the open windows in right-center field and out of the park.\n\nHome run, for the Reds. The 2-1 lead was one of the most important of De La Cruz’s latest six drives since Cincinnati called him up last month. .The Brewers, with runners on the corners in the third inning, attempted a double base steal, which allowed Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson to throw out to second base, scoring William Contreras.\n\nStephenson threw to De La Cruz, who covered second base, and De La Cruz homered:””””” ,”contentType”:”news”,”subHeadline”:null,”summary,” “:”MILWAUKEE – After Joey Weimer robbed Ellie de la Cruz of a leadoff home run Monday, the scoreboard operators at American Family Field rookie)\”}Strackline\” Stebbins is a reporter/producer for”,”tags”:[{“__typename”:”InternalTag”,”slug”:”storytype-article”,”title”:”Article”,”type”:”article”},{“__typename”:”ContributorTag”,”slug”:”tim-stebbins”,”title”:”Tim Stebbins”,”type”:”contributor”},{“__typename”:”TeamTag”,”slug”:”teamid-113″,”title”:”Cincinnati Reds”,”team”:{“__ref”:”Team:113″},”type”:”team”},{“__typename”:”GameTag”,”slug”:”gamepk-717273″,”title”:”2023/07/24 cin@mil”,”type”:”game”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”apple-news”,”title”:”Apple News”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”PersonTag”,”slug”:”playerid-682829″,”title”:”Elly De La Cruz”,”person”:{“__ref”:”Person:682829″},”type”:”player”}],”type”:”story”,”thumbnail”:”{formatInstructions}/mlb/gcrzfrip3hyx06ljcyrr”,”title”:”After a stolen HR:28} after a trolled HR, {“__typename”:”person”,”id”:682829},”team”:”113}, team:158}. typename”:”team”,”id”:158},”Pers:8″peers:8″ id”:686894}}} window.adobeAnaly ticks = {“reportingSuiteId”:”mlbglobal08,mlbcom08,mlbcomes”} window.globalState = {“tracking_title”:”Major League Baseball”,”lang”:-*appId>* window.

3:15 AM UTC

MILWAUKEE – After Joey Weimer’s robbery Ellie de la Cruz With a home run leading off Monday’s game, the scoreboard operators at American Family Field decided to have a little fun at the expense of the rookie Reds sensation.

When De La Cruz stepped into the batter’s box after two innings, an electronic board displayed mock trivia about the Dominican. It reads, “He hit a home run in the first inning…but he didn’t.”

You can already imagine where this is going.

The homer, which gave the Reds a 2-1 lead, was de la Cruz’s sixth major league drive, but the second-longest — the latest example of the incredible tools the Dominican has used since Cincinnati’s promotion last month.

His first four-point drive — a 458-foot drive off right-hander Noah Syndergaard in his second game in the majors — is his longest, at least for now.

De La Cruz showed off his defense in the early innings on Monday. The Brewers, with runners on in the third inning, attempted a double steal when Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson attempted to throw to second base so William Contreras scored from third base.

Stephenson threw to de la Cruz at second, and de la Cruz threw a strike home to get Contreras out.

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