Photos | Mayo Lopez from Veracruz flaunts a tiny waist while wearing mini-dresses

Sample from Veracruz Maria Jose Lopez Malo Continues in a big project of his Social websites And one example of that is his Instagram account which already has more than one million followers.

The 35-year-old has gained immense popularity for showing her daily life, interacting with her followers and posting her photos. An enviable body and imposing beauty.

He shows his travels around the world, his fitness life and his pets on his social networks (Photo: Instagram/ @majolopezmalo)

In addition, he shows his travels around the world on his social networks Exercise lifeAs well as her pets, she has opened doors to great opportunities with various brands.

The young woman feels very proud because everything in her clothing store is thanks to her own efforts and perseverance. The Business woman She points out that she likes being her own boss and that her biggest admiration is herself.

The young woman is very proud, because everything is thanks to her own efforts and perseverance (Photo: Instagram/ @majolopezmalo)

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today”, is a motto he uses to continue the success of his business.

In turn, Lopez Malo won not only in social networks. It has also gained great popularity through the platform Fans onlyAlthough it was not originally in his mind to earn in this way.

He studied gastronomy and won many championships BodybuildingSo his networks were only used to give advice Nutrition and exercise. However, on the advice of a friend, he decided to open his account.

He mentioned that he started first Content in underwear, but it kept upping the ante until it reached exclusive content for adults. “At first I had to pour my tequilas to gain courage and relax. I’m used to taking pictures of myself, but not naked,” she explained.

López Malo has gained a lot of fame through the fans-only platform (Photo: Instagram/ @majolopezmalo)

Now, after settling in Spain, he will transfer his content to a new project. He pointed out something Erotic content producer Europe has signed with her and her collaborations will soon be available.

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