One day after her grandmother dies, Talia celebrates her son Matthew’s birthday.

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Connecticut, USA.- Last Friday, June 24, Sisters Talia Y Laura Zapada She suffered a severe blow after their ‘grandmother’. Mrs. Eva Mange, Died at the age of 104; However, this did not deter the singer.Love on Mexican‘,’Frantic‘Y’Who cares?‘, Will celebrate Birthday His son Matthew No. 11, he dedicated a tender message through his official account. Instagram.

The youngest son of Talia and Tommy Motola Born in 2011 and flooded with joy Family. Then the actress Maria from the neighborhood Has shared the news of his son’s birth TwitterHe revealed that there was a baby they would name Matthew Alexander. 11 years after the event, the actress has shared a set Photos Different moments in your little one’s life.

Talia and Matthew
Thanks: Instagram thalia

By a message and some ImagesTalia said she simply celebrated her son’s birthday at home. This is because of the actress’ grandmother. மரிமார் Y RosalindHe died just a day ago. Competitor Pauline Rubio He said there was one at the celebration Homemade chocolate cake, Embraces Y Candy That Matthew’s sister, Sabrina SokeHad given to the minor.

My youngest son, my Matthew Alejandrito. Today you are 11 years old. It is a privilege to be your mother. You are a beautiful, cheerful, sensitive, funny, warm and loving person. Today we celebrate your life with simple things that will make you happy like chocolate cake in your house, mom and dad’s hug, candies your sister knows and affectionate notes from your friends and people. Nearby, ”the actress said

Matthews Birthday Cake
Thanks: Instagram thalia

While this is going on, Laura Zapada Was giving one Press conference In French PantheonWhere Friends And relatives gave the last answer to Donna Eva Mange. According to the villain Wild rose Y Maria Mercedes Her ‘grandmother’ left a word that she wanted to cremate. He also asked that the media avoid controversy over Talia’s absence Funeral rites Of your cousin.

Sources: Tribune, Instagram thalia

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