Gustavo Adolfo Infante Lives in an Embarrassing Moment Thanks to Shanique Berman: “You Left Me Cold”

  • The moment was recorded and now belongs to the collection of the worst moments that no one expected on television.
  • In the most recent broadcast of ‘First Hand’, Gustavo Adolfo Infante was treated to an embarrassing moment by his partner Shanique Berman.
  • After the awkward moment, the tension was palpable and the driver was taken aback by the journalist’s words.

Undoubtedly, the case of Gustavo Adolfo Infante starring in Sal El Sol with his comrades continues to be talked about, as many celebrities have made requests to Image TV to be removed from their ranks, while others have decided. Make fun of the awkward moment.

This happened because Christian Nodal was talking on the show “First Hand” about the news that he was caught drunk after leaving a concert in Las Vegas.

Shawnick Berman was a guest on the show and promised that he was jealous that the Mexican regional singer did not invite them to drink with him, in which Gustavo Adolfo Infante joined in the request and said that Nodal did not invite him for whiskey.

Gustavo hinted to his haters that they could take the piece and upload it to social networks, adding that he was doing the work of his detractors by telling them what part to take from his statements.

Considering what the journalist said, Shanik Berman did not hesitate to recall the case of Gustavo Adolfo Infante with Joana Vega-Bistro and Ana Maria Alvarado: “Yes, we are going to talk about the image***, I can go and tell the boss and I say: ‘His head or my head. ‘, Ah, I already remember that I don’t work here, I can’t ask the boss for any head”, laughed the driver.

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The awkward moment was reflected in the forum, with even Gustavo Adolfo Infante responding to his shock with the comment, “Shanik, you left me cold.”

Gustavo Adolfo Infante said no during the fight at ‘Sale El Sol’, indicating that he was talking to company bosses so they could choose between him and Joana Vega-Bistro. Willingness to continue working with her.

Thanks to Shawnick Berman Gustavo Adolfo Infante lives in an awkward moment: "You left me cold"

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