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The twins of New Progressive Party (PNP) gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Gonzalez wore rompers and messages in support of their mother's candidacy as she faces Governor Pedro Pierluzzi in these primaries.

Before going to the polling station, Gonzalez posted a photo on her social networks with her husband Jose Yovin Vargas and twins Jennifer Nydia Mercedes and Jose Yovin Jorge.

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“Mom is going to be the next governor of Puerto Rico” and “Vote for my mom,” read the navy blue and white onesies.

Gonzalez, for his part, noted the fact that his ambition is “for their future.”

The Citizenship Commissioner also came to Salvador Bra School in Carolina after 12:30 pm to exercise his right to vote.

Earlier, some of its officials faced problems at polling stations for wearing distinctive T-shirts from their campaigns. As a result, Pierluzzi's campaign manager Edwin Mundo explained that PNP Election Commissioner Vanessa Santo Domingo issued a resolution banning school officials from wearing distinctive T-shirts.

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