These iPhones will not have WhatsApp from June 2024

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service on the planet. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Share it It has established itself as an essential messaging app in the daily lives of millions of iPhone users. However, with constant technological advancement, some older iPhone models eventually lose support for the app because They can no longer support the updates required for their functionality.

Many versions of iPhone starting June 2024 will not be compatible with WhatsApp. Affected models include:

– iPhone 6s

– iPhone SE (first generation)

– iPhone 6s Plus

Why does a phone stop being compatible with WhatsApp?

The main reason why these iPhone models go without WhatsApp access is the lack of hardware and software support. WhatsApp occasionally requires updates that may not be compatible with older operating systems.

In this case, the mentioned models are not compatible with iOS 17.5.1, the latest operating system update that Apple implements on the iPhone.

Improvements in safety and operational standards also play an important role. WhatsApp continues to implement improvements in encryption, speed and new features that cannot be supported without the appropriate device and operating system.

What if my cell phone runs out of iPhone?

Users of iPhone models who lose access to WhatsApp have several alternatives at their disposal. The first option is to upgrade to a newer iPhone model compatible with the latest versions of iOS and WhatsApp.

Another alternative is to use different messaging platforms that are still compatible with older models. However, given the wide reach and popularity of WhatsApp, this may not be the best solution.

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