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Transparency is consistent with the OAS Monitoring Mission’s assessment of the performance of special election juries and national election arbitral tribunals in accordance with the current rules of the Civil Association and the guarantee of due process.

“Those audios that Mr. Oliveira aired yesterday came out that he wants to get irresponsibly fraudulent. He already went out with ‘(Louis) Iberico’ with Vladivitos’ and flagged against the Fujimori Mafia, but now both Iberico and Mr. Oliveira are on the wall Looks like the Fujimori Mafia is playing. “, Commented on Idealeradio’s statements this morning.

Tina Boulevard: “Fernando Oliveira wants to go on the airwaves irresponsibly” | Peru Libre’s vice presidential candidate Tina Polvarde pointed out that after the second round on June 6, “there are many motives for trying to turn the tide of the people” and that Fernando Oliveira was included in the group. , Who provided several audios this Thursday in which he promised to be able to ask Vladimiro Montesinos to streamline the efforts so that the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) supports the People’s Force.

In addition to Montesinos, Kenji Fujimori and Commander-in-Chief Regas Dadaj will also take part in the talks, along with a fourth person identified as Guillermo Senton. Communications are due Wednesday, June 9, after the results of the second round are known and the deadline for accepting cancellation requests expires.

“The European Union and its member states in Peru consider the June 6 election process to be free and democratic. We rely on election officials to resolve pending cases within the established legal channels.”He pointed out on the social network.

Through his official Twitter account, he said he hopes Peruvian election officials can resolve pending cases “within established legal channels”.

“The Progressive Party, which I lead, reaffirms its quiet waiting for the results to be reached for JNE. The presence of Gladys Eccas and Daniel Cordova at the recent press conference is in personal capacity and will not compromise the party.”He pointed out on the social network.

“Canada considers that the June 6 election process in Peru was free, fair and open, which has been reaffirmed by the OAS. To date we support the work of the ONPE and JNE., Which reads in the embassy’s publication.

The EU in Peru Noted as the second round process “Independent and Democratic.” “We rely on election officials to resolve pending cases within established legal channels.”Said in a statement.

The OAS He noted that his work in Peru closely follows the evolution of the electoral process. In addition, he reiterated that the Peruvian organization * “has the guarantees of due process” and welcomed its work. JEE and JNE itself In the resolution of appeals. He described Ars’ resignation as “extraordinary”.

The OAS and the European Union approve the electoral process | The Organization of American States reaffirmed its support for Peru’s electoral system and described the EU as a second round of free and democratic. However, pro-Keiko Fujimori politicians are urging President Chastity to seek international technical mediation for the elections.

Good morning friends of El Comorcio, we are continuing with the information of the Peru 2021 general election. Follow the latest news.

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