Part of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket explodes as it enters the atmosphere, providing a spectacular view (videos)


26 March 2021 16:19 GMT

It was launched in early March, but a phase of it was in orbit for 22 days.

The second phase of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket gave a spectacular view as it entered Earth’s atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest sky on Thursday night.

A collection of images shared on social networks’FireballsRising through the sky visible from different American and Canadian cities. Many people find this event a mess Plane crash Or a meteor shower.

Following that, the National Weather Service in Seattle (Washington, USA) Confident about that The secondary of a rocket Falcon 9, which launched SpaceX in early March. “The brightest objects in the sky are the remains of the second phase of the rocket Desert combustion“To start its queue to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, the company tweeted.

To confirm this information, Harvard University astronomer Jonathan McDowell also took to Twitter: Rocket Division “failed to crash, now re-entering 22 days in orbit“, Clarified.

The desert combustion of the second phase of the Falcon 9 failed, thus causing that area Enter the lower orbit Earth, eventually disintegrating.

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