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Sergio Martinez Dunstan

Erick Juarez Pineda

The Ministry of Public Education, a century after its creation, has made the decision to reopen schools for the return to face-to-face classes, at the highest peak of the third wave of infections, after keeping them closed since the emergence of the pandemic in our country. Different voices have reacted in one way or another. Alternatives are proposed v. gr. distance education or a mixed model. It is necessary to review this and other equally relevant issues because the future is at risk.

Future Education, Journalism of public interest, summons the I National Congress of Education Education in Mexico. Projections and challenges “ in order to reflect on emerging scenarios and propose scientifically based solutions.

It will be a meeting point between academics, teachers and researchers, to discuss current topics. A bridge is built between decision makers, academia and civil society. We have in common the training of students and the expectation of a better country. We are united by the interest of joining forces. So be it!

From September 8 to 10, 2021, the following activities will be carried out:

Master lectures:

  1. Higher education. Challenges and perspectives.
  2. Continuous improvement of education. A process under construction.
  3. Labor rights and professional rights of the teaching profession.
  4. Myths and paradoxes of teacher revaluation.


  1. School Program of Continuous Improvement.
  2. Universal Learning Design.
  3. Socio-emotionality at school and in the classroom.

Analysis Table:

  1. The educational model of the Mexican school.
  2. Interculturality, inclusion and equity in Mexican education.
  3. Democratization of the National Union of Education Workers.
  4. School improvement and management.
  5. National System of Continuous Improvement.
  6. Education, training and updating of the teaching profession.
  7. Scientific research, technological development and innovation.
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  1. Implementation of the System for the Career of Teachers and Teachers.

The program is at your disposal on the page And the registration can be done through the page

You are cordially invited.

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