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From June this year the space to store your photos will be 15GB.

In the sixth month of the year, Google Photos will stop offering unlimited free space for your photos; In other words, if all our files are over 15GB, Google will have to pay for additional storage, which forces many users to explore new options for storing their files.

Google Photos Storage is no longer unlimited.

Below is a list of some of the alternatives you can consider, such as Google Photos

  • Amazon Photos
  • Flickr
  • Smackmak
  • Image Shake
  • Movistar Cloud
  • 500px

All the options mentioned support videos and allow you to import content from Facebook or Instagram.

Options for keeping our files

According to Google, 80% of your users will reach the 15GB limit, Therefore, it is highly advisable to make a backup copy of our photos and videos and emails and documents that we consider important. June 1 is best to reach no more than 15GB Google-imposed savings to avoid inconvenience.

The first step is to secure our pictures and documents On computer, hard drive or other platforms. Then we have to decide If we only use Google for free, pay or we will find another site. There are many such as One Drive, Mega, Amazon Photos, Dubox, Dropbox.

For those who like Continue to use Google One without restrictions, The company’s storage service, they can pay for more space. The cost is 99 1.99 per month, or 99 19.99 per year 100 GB. Value for 200 GB This is 99 2.99 per month or per year. Is 29.29. If additional storage is required, it can be selected 2 TB 99 9.99 per month or per year. For 99.99.

If you want to proceed only with the free version of the user’s plans, You need to regularly organize and clean your files Do not exceed the limit. It is possible Know and estimate how long it will take to consume all the storage Enter the Google Tool by This link. (I)

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