Welles is on the ropes for Liga de Quito at the Copa Libertadores after a 3-1 defeat against Charlesfield | Football | Sports

Pablo Repetto’s team is responsible for playing all or nothing for the remaining two dates in Group G.

Welles Charsfield defeated Liga de Quito 3-1 on the fourth day of Group C of the Copa Libertadores 2021. It took place this Thursday at the Jose Amalpitani Stadium in Buenos Aires.

Diego Almada (45 min), Lucas Johnson (68) and Federico Mankuello (90 + 2) scored for Argentina ‘Ford’, while Uruguayan Matthias Junino (77) dismissed Liga de Quito.

Almada missed a local penalty for 6 minutes and ended the match with ten players as spectator Ezequiel Piovi (87) was sent off.

With this decision, Group G ended the fourth day, led by Flamenco with 10 points, now with 6 units from Vel வெs, Liga de Quito (4) and Chilean Union La Cholera (2), two days ahead.

On the fifth day, Welles will be local next Wednesday against Union La Cholera, while Liga de Quito will be measured as an observer with Flamenco.

From the first minute Welles just returned to the field with determination on Liga de Quito, which soon found himself locked in his plot, and Lucas Johnson got the local first chance to be penalized for the absence of Jose Quintero, but Almada crashed the shot at the bottom of the right post.

Despite the missed opportunity, ‘Forden’ continued to dominate the match, holding more than 75% of the ball in a good area of ​​the first half, while Albo waited for the team to retreat, trying to use the advantage to reduce the game off the court with some error, but each time he recovered the ball Was far away.

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35 minutes later, Quito came out of the league siege slightly and was encouraged to go beyond the middle of the field, but Welles was just looking for the high end, and Lucero headed in to score at a center when Caberni saved a slap when Johnson pushed her into the net.

The first half threatened to end at zero, but initially Munos lost the ball, the ball moved to the right of Johnson for a rise, he waited at the top of the area and sent the pass back to Almada, who moved it slightly away from Guerrero and into the side of Kabarini’s right tube.

Uruguayan Repetto’s team responded in the second half and went in search of equality, with a slightly elevated left foot from a good position near Quintero.

But the locals saw more places from the league’s biggest attack, and Bellegrino ordered ‘Ricky’ Centurion to enter, who found the right to the imbalance and sent an accurate center to Johnson’s head who won Cabrini’s attempt. 2-0 for the area.

The Ecuadorian team did not give up, looking for a discount, and Julio got a big chance with a blast in the right corner, which demanded an extension from the Hoyos, and shortly after arrival Martinez Borja dropped on a cross from Quinteros to the right and Junino with a powerful.

The local problem was last minute, but Eுவsville found direct red for a very strong stain on Piovi Johnson’s leg, and Welles counted more clearly for a third search, which came with a bluff when Martinez Borja wanted it and he took a quick free kick from the area’s goal, but Slapped to the side.

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So, Welles had a major win to find second place, and although he still had to add, he knew it was up to him, while Liga de Quito was on the ropes, with the obligation to play all or nothing on the remaining two dates. (D)

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