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On January 14, 2010, the national press published a strict complaint from the Venezuelan government regarding the violation of the country's airspace by United States aircraft with the complicity of the government of the Netherlands. The colonial possessions of Aruba and Curaçao were, on various occasions, the occasion for the United States' provocative and imperial espionage expedition.

Sovereignty and capabilities

Regarding the use of its aircraft in the territories of countries whose governments fly flags of sovereignty and anti-imperialist control and control of their natural resources, the US military command seeks to conduct in-depth surveys of defensive capabilities in the event of a possible defect. Military aggression or invasion.

Exclusion zone?

As indicated by the cases of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, before the level of aggression was raised, the centers of American power measured the diplomatic isolation experienced by the threatened country. This includes asking the UN Security Council to declare a no-fly zone, preventing the movement of civilian or military aircraft over the sector of the persecuted state.

Lacks support

In the Venezuelan case, the request to declare a “no-fly zone”, which so far this century has been made by North American power administrations on various occasions, was made on the assumption of the existence of an alleged “dictatorship”. This argument lacked basic support when the votes were being counted within the Security Council, and at the same time, it was confronted by Russia and China, the two permanent members with veto power in the UN's highest executive body. Hence the futility of the reference.

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Thus, in violation of the UN Charter, which prohibits unilateral actions by one member state against another, recent North American governments have replicated impermissible aerial incursion practices by the attacking state, planning engagement with armed response by air forces. , in order to escalate the virtual operations carried out so far by the Bolivarian Government and the air component of FANB. In any case, over the past twenty years, Venezuela has raised its voice, with a high sense of national decency, every time its airspace is violated for destabilizing purposes by any center of imperial power.


This type of aggression repeats the hostility expressed by the administration of the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, during the past four years. In recent years, this hostility has escalated to the point that a ship entering Venezuelan territorial waters collided with a Venezuelan Navy ship that was warning it not to leave the maritime perimeter of Bolivar’s homeland, while at various opportunities, the Venezuelan Armed Forces complied, in compliance with UN Security Council resolutions. The constitutional mandate to search for peaceful solutions falls within the bounds of international law. The Trump administration's hostility against Venezuela reached the point of tolerating an attempt to assassinate Venezuela's constitutional president, Nicolas Maduro, in August 2018.



Halley and the periodic comets

On this day, January 14, 1746, the English astronomer Edmund Halley died in Greenwich, London, an exceptional event in the history of astronomical knowledge.

Since ancient times it has been assumed that comets are large meteorites. Heraclitus thought he saw “luminous clouds” in it; Democritus viewed them as a “struggle between the celestial bodies.” “A man will be born,” Seneca would say, “who will show where comets go in the sky, and why they differ so much from… the planets, and what their size and nature are.”

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Halley, who mastered mathematics and physics, made exemplary contributions to astronomy. He became friends with Isaac Newton. He studied and shed light on the behavior of tides and the precise location of many stars. Among his achievements is the development of the first magnetic declination anisotropy chart.

After studying data on the properties of the comet since 1705, the appearance of which had been recorded at different times by Johann Regiomontano, Petrus Appiano and Johannes Kepler, he discovered coincidences in the properties of what would later be known as “Hale's Comet”. Although its orbit has a slight fluctuation, the astronomer Halley calculated its average with complete precision, pointing out that the mysterious object is seen around the Earth every 75 years.

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