Ohio Casinos Revenue See’s Record High Following Reopening 

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty it’s that Ohio casinos revenue see’s record high following reopening. Some casino leaders credit people craving social activities and events after being locked up at home for long, which, when you think about it, makes a lot of sense.

Ohio’s 11 casinos and racinos reported revenue improvements for March, April and May, as they combined for revenue of $209 million for the month.  This revenue represents the casino’s take after paying out all the winnings.

In March, Ohio casinos’ gambling revenue was $215.8 million while in April, the gambling revenue hit $217.1 million. If we were to compare May 2019 to May 2021, last month’s results are 23,5% better.

Some of the main reasons why Ohio casinos revenue is on such a rise are:

  1. Seasonal changes – summer is good time for casinos
  2. The stimulus packages offered by the government
  3. Giving individuals access to additional funds

Out of all, the biggest overall improvements, in comparing May 2019 with May 2021, was seen by JACK Thistledown Racino. It reported $19.1 million which added 40.7% to its revenue. Despite Ohio racinos being limited to just video lottery terminals, they combined for revenue of $122.s million in May.

Additionally, casinos JACK T. Cleveland Casino fated well as well, adding 25% as its revenue closed at $22.5 million and The MGM Northfield Park adding 14.4%.

Finally, if you happen to go to Ohio and want to visit a casino, you certainly don’t want to get lost, so be free to check a map of casinos in Ohio at casinos.us.

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Ohio Gambling Laws

Although compared to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Ohio isn’t the biggest gaming market, ever since its residents voted to allow commercial gambling in 2009, this state has been giving their best. Today, the Buckeyes states’ gambling market is one of the biggest in the US, thanks to its racinos and traditional casinos.

Despite the fact that Ohio is one of the newest additions to the family of US states with legal casino gambling, the state is already home to a huge casino industry.

Depending on the type of legal gaming, legal age limits range from 16 to 21. For example, in Ohio, the legal age to play bingo is 16, while if you want to play keno, horse racing or the state lottery you must be 18.

Ohio law books are a blend of old and new traditions where Ohio’s legislature is meeting annually to discuss and consider thousands of amendments to the state’s constitution.

The first traditional casino in Ohio opened in 2021, and now there are four brick and mortar casinos where players can legally play and enjoy all of the most popular Vegas-style casino games.

Additionally, Ohio casino gambling is different from what you ‘d find in Nevada, Mississippi and Oklahoma. In Ohio, not every venue is licensed to operate table games or poker. There are just two casinos in Ohio that host games beyond slots and video poker.

Online Gambling in Ohio 

Online gambling in Ohio is not legal yet. But with all the movements in the last couple of years as well as a rising interest in playing online casinos, there’s a huge chance that things could change in the near future.

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The only legal online casino type options in Ohio that you have available are the sweepstakes sites like Chumba Casino, Funzpoints, Global Poker and Luckyland Slots.

However, Ohio law doesn’t specifically ban online casinos from doing business in the state. So, if you decide to gamble on offshore casino sites you will not face any legal consequences.

With that said, you must know that gambling on offshore sites holds a certain amount of risk. If you are not careful you can find yourself in big trouble.

Cybercriminals, scams and cyber theft are no joke. Few days ago, a serial cyber attack hit 200 companies in the US. When you are searching for an offshore site to play games, make sure that the site is licensed and has good reviews and reputation.

The Future of Gambliing in Ohio 

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty it’s that technology is advancing at a fast pace and humans are trying to catch up with it. Just last month, two astronauts went to space and showed a breathtaking view of the Earth at a distance of 410 km. So, if that’s really right now, just imagine how the gambling industry will look like in the future.

Although online casinos and sports betting don’t seem to be on the horizon at the moment, there are plenty of reasons to feel hopeful about online gambling coming to Ohio. While online sports betting seems to be the closest to reality, anything can happen in a legislative session.

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