NASA shows a breathtaking view of the Earth at a distance of 410 km with astronauts outside the ISS


26 June 2021 01:09 GMT

Thomas Baskett and Shane Kimbero went on a space mission to carry out maintenance work on electrical systems.

Two astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) made a space trip on Friday, making improvements in energy systems by installing new folding solar panels, and were amazed at the interesting view of our planet.

At six hours and 45 minutes, astronauts Thomas Beskett of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Shane Kimbero of NASA were outside the ISS at about 410 p.m. Kilometers above the earth. “How about that vision?” The American space agency tweeted with a short video.

In the pictures you can see a part of the station and the astronauts working on a dazzling blue background.

Team established The second of six solar panels Folding, which they came In SpaceX’s Dragon Cargo capsule on June 5th. The first one has already been placed earlier this week, Pick up

According to NASA, previously installed panels, when working well, are starting to show signs of deterioration. They hope to raise the power level from 160 to 215 kW by new maintenance.

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