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Notes on what happened on Monday night:

Bobby Lashley (with MVP) defeated The Miss (with John Morrison) to retain the WWE Championship with Hurt Lock.

Behind the scenes, Seamus attacked McIntyre and threw him into the gearbox. After the break, Adam Pierce approached McIntyre. He demanded not to be disqualified against Shimes.

Stroman entered the ring to complain about Shane McMahon. Shane came inside. He went straight to Stroman’s face and said, “I apologize.”

Vs. Drew McIntyre. In a fight without TQ, Shimes ended up without a winner, and they both knocked down the metal ladder and fell. They did not respond, so the referee canceled the fight and asked for help from behind.

Xavier Woods (Conn Kofi Kingston) Derota a Shelton Benjamin (Con Cedric Alexander)

Riddle defeated Slabjack (with Mustafa Ali). Ali instructed Slapjack after the match.

Another Shane McMahon / Bron Stroman division. Shane was in the ring. Stroman entered. Shane went down the aisle and said Stroman felt sorry for himself. Shane said he didn’t want to call Stroman an idiot, and then basically called him an idiot and walked out.

Shane could be seen running towards a truck. When Stroman arrived, the truck ran. Stroman left, at which point Shane reappeared. He smiled and called Stroman stupid again.

Nia Jax and Sheena Posler (with Reginald) to retain Niami and Lana.

At the main event, when Orton was getting ready for an RKO, A.J. Alexa Bliss appeared on screen, lit a match and fired a pyrotechnic fire from all three corners of the ring.

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Orton began to binary the black object. Styles struck a unique precedent for success.

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