From Disney, Mariasel shows that she is the queen of minishorts

Mariasel Collaborating on “Más Deporte” since 2016, he is one of the best people to show talent and charisma in this TUDN space. The Spanish actress and host has found a platform in this program to play with style and become a fashion benchmark that shows a lot in her networks.

instagram This is where the actress surprises her fans with her stunning outfits and to show this, the only thing you have to do is check out her last post on the camera’s social network as she wore a stunning look on a trip. She made Orlando even more specifically Disney.

Mariasel and her family. Source: Instagram @mariazelzel

Mariasel wears a tiny short for a heart attack on Instagram

Mariasel He does an old pleasure in Disney, where he takes a lot of photos and shares them on social networks very happily. As if she’s just another girl, the Spanish-born chauffeur finds herself pleasuring herself and accidentally shows off the odd look she uses to pass the time comfortably.

In his story instagram, the actress uploaded a video in which she was seen wearing a gray minishort, which drove her 3.7 million followers crazy. In the pictures, she can be seen wearing a nice Disney outfit with ears and everything, but with shorts too high up her legs, enshrined as the queen of minishorts.

Mariasel He has a solid acting training and in recent years he has only focused on his face as a host, however, a few days ago he revealed that he is already recording a few episodes of a comic series, “Give Me a Hand Gambido”. He will share credits with Raul “Negro” Ariza and Edson Zuniga “El Norteño”.

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