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At least 33 people have died in heatwaves in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha.

New Delhi.- The Government of India published this Saturday New Delhi recorded a temperature of 52.9 degrees CelsiusIt was announced this week There is an error of 3 degrees. The cause of the error is a malfunction of the weather sensor. He India Meteorological Department (IMD) The probe was conducted after measurements were taken on Wednesday at the Meteorological Center in Mungeshpur, the capital's most populous city.

Minister of Geosciences, Kiran RijijuHe explained that “Corrective measures have already been implemented” to solve the problem. Rijiju shared the results of the preliminary report on social media He asserted that a 3°C error was detected in the sensor. However, the minister did not provide the revised figure for the temperature recorded on Wednesday, leaving people uncertain about the correct record.

The IMD, on its part, issued a statement confirming the same Maximum temperature reported by Mungeshpur station “incorrect due to sensor malfunction”. The statement came in response to concerns and confusion created by the unusual and alarming temperature record.

An environment of extreme heat

Despite the correction in measurement, all indications are that New Delhi broke a heat record. Two additional weather stations report in the capital Wednesday's temperature was 49°C and 49.1°C. The IMD verified that the sensors of these stations are working properly and that there are no data errors, which reinforces the severity of the weather phenomenon.

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The previous record of 48.4 degrees Celsius in New Delhi was set in May 1998. According to a draft IMD report. This most recent record underscores a trend of increasing extreme temperatures that may be related to climate change. The consistency of readings from other weather stations suggests that the city is indeed experiencing one of the hottest periods in its history.

Extreme heat is not just a problem for the capital. Large parts of India have been enduring intense heat for the past few days. At least 33 people, including election officials, died on Friday due to convection in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha. This situation highlights the severity of the heat wave affecting the country and the urgent need for adaptation and mitigation measures.

Impact and future actions

The situation in New Delhi and other affected areas highlights the importance of accurate and well-maintained weather equipment. Errors in measurements can lead to inaccurate information and underestimate the risks associated with extreme heat. Meteorological authorities should ensure that the sensors are properly calibrated and periodic checks are carried out to avoid future errors.

In addition, government and public health agencies should redouble their efforts to educate people about the dangers of extreme heat and appropriate safety measures. This includes Information campaigns on the importance of hydrationAvoid sunlight during peak hours and be aware of heat stroke symptoms.

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In conclusion, although the correction in New Delhi's recorded temperature has somewhat assuaged the concern, The heat wave affecting India is an alarming reminder of the impact of climate change. The Extreme temperatures are a growing reality and adaptation and mitigation strategies must be a priority to protect people's health and well-being.

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