Police lay off 645 non-performing officers

Gurabo – Despite being a commissioner Police Bureau, The Colonel Antonio Lopez Figurova, Today is Wednesday, the graduation of 122 cadets, It shows that a uniform wearer needs 5,600 additional officers to get the optimal number.

The situation is aggravated by the “disappearance” of 645 people, who did not return to their jobs without giving any explanation and another 595 who were unarmedLopez Figueroa revealed.

“16,000 officers are needed because Puerto Rico is a country with a lot of mountains and fields, which makes it difficult to patrol. It is not the United States,” the police official said. New day After graduating the cadets who created the 230 class, Fernando “Roop” Hernandez Coliseum In Kurabo.

He noted that 122 police graduates now have to complete 900 hours of guidance and where there is an officer who can guide them. He noted that Fazardo, Humacao, Bayaman, San Juan and Carolina already have mentors. Therefore, graduates will be in other cities, regardless of where they live.

“I have to send them to areas where there are officers who can guide me. After four and a half months (after guidance), I will relocate them to where I need to be,” he said.

Lopez Figueroa noted that 12,057 police officers appear on the “service list” in uniform. However, in service or active, there are only 10,400.

He explained that the conflict was caused by 1,657 inactive people, mostly because they were “missing” or unarmed.

“They have disappeared. I have sent more than 600 letters. Others are unarmed and others are on unpaid leave, military leave or family sick leave,” he said.

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He identified himself as a missing police officer who explained that he had “never reported” leaving the police force because he had given up his duties, but had not worked in good time.

There are some who have not appeared for five or six years. As soon as I found out, I started sending letters to announce that their positions were vacant. I’m already going to 645 letters, “he said.

“They were not paid. All their arrears were deducted and they were not paid,” he added.

He noted that not only do uniformed people make layoffs, but they also encourage more people to be police officers in the intense campaign – in the media, social networks and shopping centers.

We have an aggressive recruitment effort because now social security is being deducted from them and their salary has been raised by 30%. The basic salary is $ 2,830 (monthly). And we will continue to benefit all my police officers, ”he said confidently.

For strategic reasons, he did not respond that he did not stress the need for police or more officers in any areas.

Mayor of Guinea and its chairman Federation of Mayors, Angel PerezHe said they had stopped academies “for years” due to lack of money. In fact, he remembered it Financial Oversight Board (JSF) must authorize funding for these purposes.

“And, in fact, they are not enough. At some point, I hope the board of directors will recognize more academies,” Perez pointed out.

Sometimes what I have is a state patrol and they are delayed because there are some issues that the municipality (police) can attend to, and there should be states where others cannot. It has forced me to have a very strong municipal force, to have more people, “he said, pointing out that this type of action is tantamount to high costs for city councils.

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Lopez Fikiurova asked for accreditation to do academies for 1,000 cadets this fiscal year, but they only approved 400 for him. He said the next academy already has 290 cadets.

For his part, Villalpa is mayor and chairman Mayor’s Association, Louis Xavier Hernandez said that due to the loss of police officers, municipalities “must reconcile the situation with our municipal police.”

“In Villarba and small towns, there has been a significant decline in the number of patrols and surveillance cases, which has not only reduced the number of retired police officers, but also those who have left due to (state insurance) funding,” he said.

Sometimes, in the respective towns, the police commissioner regrets that there are mayors who reveal that they only have one or two state police officers because “this gives me a security problem.” Obviously you are putting my police officers and themselves in danger, “he said.

“Maybe it’s not quantity, but quality. Now, we are implementing the government’s comprehensive plan with two strategies to implement: law and order and social functions,” he added.

He noted that he had created a deputy superintendent of special operations Colonel Carlos Cruz, Contains members of all components of the Uniform, which allows information to be shared. In this way, they have arrested 202 people accused of serious crimes, including 82 of their most wanted.

In social activities, he added, the wearer of the uniform “helps to solve the immediate problem.”

Lopez Figueroa, now addressing graduates, told them “there is a better profession: a policeman”.

Under the supervision of the Governor Pedro PierlucciLopez, who attended the graduation ceremony, acknowledged that the cadets had to fight the quake and the epidemic of graduation. But he assured that those experiences would prepare them to “serve the people of Puerto Rico and face the stories and situations that are on the street.”

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Meanwhile, the governor pointed out that the graduates are doing what they can for the well-being of the island and “for the future”.

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