How do you know where a contact is without them knowing?

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You can access the contact's location from WhatsApp.

How to find cell phone location by phone number?

When specifying Place Cell phone with no TelephoneIt is important to know that we can identify it for free using a tool provided by Google “Find My Device”This will allow you to know the exact location of the mobile phone A person's place.

When you enter this option, you'll be prompted for your Google account — or cell phone number — and the password the phone is connected to. An important fact: if the cell phone is turned off or has no battery, it will not detect it. Likewise, you can choose the “Find Mobile by Number” tool, which allows us to install Where a contact is located through your phone number.

On the other hand, Lookout Security & Antivirus is an application for Android cell phones. thereby, We can know where there is a connection through your phone number. Although it is free, it also offers a paid option so that in case of theft or loss, you can lock the screen and reset the cell phone.


With Google's “Find my device” tool, one can know the location of a mobile phone and the location of a person.

How to know contact location in Google Maps?

Yes right Access the location of a contact In real time through the option provided by WhatsApp, experts agree – with prior approval, There is a simple tool: enter the Google Maps option directly on your cell phone.

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According to the special portal Android Police, the A contact point Real-time location in Google Maps can be set as follows: “A button is enabled between 'Contact Options' and 'Contact Information' which, when pressed, will open the real-time location of the object in Google Maps. In addition, it allows you to run the necessary steps to reach your location, as the person accessing the user. If available, it also gives you the option to configure notification alerts.The tool can be installed from Google Play.

Also, it is mentioned that to A contact point “The contact scheduled on the phone must include its Gmail address. Also, the user in question must have selected the 'Share Location' option on Google Maps. Otherwise, it cannot be used.”

In turn, in the Google Maps Help section, there are steps for that A contact point:

  • On your computer, open Google Maps and make sure you're signed in to your account.
  • Search for a contact's name or address. Matching contacts are displayed in the recommendations.
  • Select a name or address to view your contact on a map.

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