New Yorkers want the Statue of Liberty returned to its original color of a century ago

The Statue of Liberty isn’t always blue-green, it used to be copper, and it might be again.

The famous Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to New York City in 1885.

There are many famous monuments all over our world. Among them are Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Colosseum or Statue of Liberty. In particular, the latter has become an iconic image of New York. This giant statue stands out for many things, including its green color, but did you know that this was not always the case? It was gold before, and it may be again.

The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York in 1883 after being gifted by France. Its construction and assembly It lasted three years until it opened in August 1886.. The moment was epic, and all New Yorkers cheered for the statue that would henceforth welcome all immigrants to the city.

Some people in X want to see the golden statue again

When unveiled, the Statue of Liberty took on a golden hue from the cast bronze. This color was characteristic for many years until weathering agents began to change it. When bronze oxidizes, it turns green, which is what happened to the great statue..

Little by little, at the beginning of the new century, the tones of the entire monument changed and reached the green color we all know today. However, for several days Many are talking about X’s social network returning to its original colorFor gold it was in 1886.

As well as you have collected Science In a recent article, several X users proposed a paradoxical cleanup The Statue of Liberty should be returned to its original color in gold. The fact remains that despite the size of the monument, it would not be unreasonable to do so. In fact, the Eiffel Tower in Paris changes color every seven years when it is painted.

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An idea proposed by some in X has received thousands of likes, but it is not a concrete plan. Last time the authorities proposed to restore the original color New Yorkers strongly protested this Because they are already used to the greenness of the idol.

If this becomes a reality in the near future, the people of New York You can enjoy the copper tone again, but from repeating the oxidation process. Natural agents and acid rain cause copper to turn green again over the years. Time will tell us If there are changes to the large Statue of Liberty.

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