How big is the tab?

The clash between these two terminals will show how the South Korean company rotates its products year after year.

Find out the generation gap between Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Network light

If you want to see a standard comparison, this is not the place for you. Let’s leave the script once and show you A generational leap by Samsung Compared to last year’s device, with its new flagship. If you’re looking for a new terminal, first check out our guide to buying mobile phones, and if you’re thinking about accessible devices, check out our 4 things to look out for. Before buying a cheap mobile.

We found 7 differences between the two big Samsung devices


Talking about Two terminals with batteries 5,000mAh Ability, though Processor and power efficiency of S23 Ultra Adds one more autonomy point to the new terminal. A day and a half of autonomy seems to be a positive result for our colleague Ruben from the Urban Techno YouTube channel, who conducts in-depth tests of the devices and gets the most out of them.


Although the two devices look almost identical, it is true that they are there when it comes to daily use Small differences. For example, in time catch He S23 UltraDue to the somewhat flattened edges, it is a Greater sense of security. Both phones are large and require enough hands to hold them tightly, although the design of the new flagship improves on this point.


New S23 Ultra App is available Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, which is completely different from the Exynos chip of the previous model and although it does not offer the best performance, it allows us to focus on some details. For example, the S23 Ultra It heats up less than his younger brother and with great need Performance drop peak The S22 Ultra is Above. This translates to Some activities There are More satisfaction In the new terminal Video game.

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Main room

The Introduction Not only 200mbxBut one A large number of alternativesCreate a camera S23 Ultra The S22 is a notch above the Ultra. With respect Photo performance On the S23 Ultra, we can say that it performs better image processing, better level of detail, less noise and it performs very well in low light conditions.


We can consider that Confirmation of S23 Ultra as Best we’ve seen Video recording has an Ultra Stable mode, which can be considered the best we’ve seen, not in terms of detail, but in terms of pure stabilization. If you want to frame and zoom in on an image, it’s a lot easier to do this year than with the S22 Ultra. Excellent optical and digital stabilization.

8K video

Unlike last year, when 8K video had high noise and poor stabilization, it has improved significantly in this new generation. Now you can Record at 24, 25 and 30 fpswith a Better positioningA great one Detail status And a great one Dynamic range With the arrival of the S2 Ultra.

Create content

The S22 Ultra’s front-facing camera has no competition to date, and is surpassed, obviously, by the S23 Ultra. The Integration with social networks is great In this new generation, especially with Instagram stories. Last year’s comparison to the iPhone was a cry, and this year, even though it’s still lagging behind, thanks to a new filter, it’s not in evidence.

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