New wave to oust top WWE stars shocks wrestling world, unleashes rumors of company immediate sales


4 June 2021 01:08 GMT

The company announced its farewell to wrestlers such as Bron Stroman, Alastair Black, Lana, Ruby Riot, Murphy and Santana Garrett.

WWE announced the new round of many wrestlers this Wednesday –Some of them are big stars-, what This caused a stir in the wrestling world and sparked rumors of an initial sale by an American sports entertainment company.

“WWE has arrived A deal on release De Brown Stroman, Alastair Black, Lana, Murphy, Ruby Riot y Santana Carret “, Communication The company, on its website, wishes them all the best in their future endeavors.

One of the biggest surprises was the discount Stroman, who has established himself as a top star In the last five years. During WrestleMania 36 in 2020, he defeated Bill Goldberg to win the WWE Universal Championship, while in this year’s edition he played the most publicized match against Shane McMahon.

“What a chapter in life. Thank you!” Said Stroman on his Twitter account.

Likewise, the former NXD champion’s knockout was surprising Alastair Black, Also known as Tommy End, was promoted to WWE’s top list in 2019. Dutch wrestler – who has returned to the company’s plans in recent weeks after a long absence and has appeared in several videos – Thanks On social media “for allowing the WWE universe to create and give itself a small piece.”

Among the shooters was Australian Barty Murphy, the WWE Cruiserweight champion who had the third longest reign in its history, and the star of several scripts with former champion Seth Rollins. “So today my Eight years with WWE. What a crazy journey! High, very low, but if I had three minutes or I was 20, I would put all my effort into my performances “, Tweeted, He said, “lucky enough to work with some of the best talent in the world.”

Reactions in the wrestling world

Leading wrestlers – such as Sasha Banks, Billy Kay, Seth Rollins and Ricochet – did not take much time to respond to the news and became involved in social networking.

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So Rollins confirmed that he was heartbroken by the WWE decision, for which he is currently working.

Nine-time women’s champion Sasha Banks, and former women’s tag team champion Billy K. -Who was one of the stars who was fired from the company in recent months with his partner Beyton Royce, who also spoke on the matter and expressed their support for Ruby Riot, who was dismissed.

“You can’t fly with eagles if you have turkeys”, he said Lana’s husband, Miro, a Bulgarian militant known to fans as ‘Rusev’, was expelled from WWE last year. Meanwhile, Renee Buckwheat, described for WWE on her SmackDown brand, Important “Mismanagement of Talented Persons.”

Instant sales rumors

This is not the first time this year that WWE has released many of its wrestlers from their contracts. The company decided last April Fire To former tag team champions Beyton Royce and several former champions Billy Kay Mickey James, Callisto, Chelsea Green, Samoa Joe, Bo Dallas and Tucker, with more than 60 employees, according to a report Fight that Appointment Ringside News.

The wave of layoffs sparked rumors that WWE President Nick Khan was preparing the company for sale.

Former corporate writer Dave Shilling, who joined his creative team in early 2019, He said On his Twitter account, he said that superstar layoffs are more likely to happen if a company tries. “Increase profits before sales“.

Militant and Special Journalist Brian Alvarez Added Recently, On Wrestling Observer Live, “Everyone thinks Nick Khan is setting this company up for sale.” “If they do a lot of good, how can they say they are budget reasons? Well, they say they are budget reasons when they decide how much money they are going to spend on talent,” he said.

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However, this is not the first time rumors of a possible WWE sale have surfaced. For now, there is no support to confirm these speculations.

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