Camille Vasquez is the real winner of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Camille Vasquez after the announcement of the verdict that Johnny Depp presented to his client as the winner of the trial. | Photo: EVELYN HOCKSTEIN / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

Camille Vasquez Was the absolute winner of the interim historical inquiry Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The life of any of these three names will not be the same all over the world after six weeks. But only one character, Camille Vasquez, the man’s lawyer who plays Jack Sparrow, will enjoy a good reputation from now on. His image as an invincible lawyer and the personality who settled the case in favor of his client have already elevated him to the category of eminent professionals.

The pages of the newspapers will put Johnny Depp as the winner, who will now have to pay $ 15 million in compensation from his ex-wife Heard. But the history books reflect his lawyer, initially unknown to the general public, as the real owner who attracted attention. With Colombian and Cuban descent, Camille already has one Rock Star And holds the world at his feet.

Perhaps even today, with the verdict handed down by the jury of the court VirginiaThere are skeptics and creators who constantly hypothesize on one side or the other, because if anything is clear in these two months, we are a social expert in taking a page and denying all sorts of nuances. The middle of a polarization problem. For thousands, perhaps millions of people, Deep was not innocent, but in equal numbers, Heard lost his case.

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No one can doubt Camille Vasquez’s impressive rhetoric, argument and intellectual ability. Enthusiastic fans flocked to the court in the hope of filming with him during the trial. Or at least, they wanted to clarify how much they appreciated her. He already has 44,000 followers on Instagram, which will definitely increase after an hour. “We love you Camille!”It was the consensus prayer heard when he left the court that made him world famous in 55 days.

At this point, there is no one to question Camille’s talent. His fans, who have already been able to get a tattoo in his memory, want to transform him into the world of entertainment and, as a record of his success, proposed (alternatively) to him. Amber Heart in Aquaman 2 Via In this film, the character of Mera, who had previously sparked controversy, is brought to life by Amber as the same fans demand that she be removed from sea history. As reported Hollywood Reporter, Amber Mera will not be resurrected after Aquaman 2.

For both Amber and Johnny, it will not be easy to walk under the eternal sight of the public. They were slowly branded by the stigma of any serious media reports about personal life. Both will carry the weight of mass judgment throughout their lives, albeit honestly, in an equal way. One of the two gets the worst, but with each step, with each new project with their names, the question becomes inevitable: Do you remember their test?

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Vasquez became very popular.  (AP Photo / Steve Helper, Pool)

Vasquez became very popular. (AP Photo / Steve Helper, Pool)

For Camille Vasquez, a graduate of the University of Southern California, everything was very different. If he had already been a valued lawyer at Brown Rudnick Company he is now world famous and recognized. Amber’s strong rhetoric has earned him the respect and admiration of the Latin community, not to mention law students. “I’m going to meet Camille Vasquez and tell her what an inspiration she’s to many Latin people!”One TikTok user, a woman who considers herself a role model, took second place in her comments: “A Latin girl entering my final year of law college, no one encouraged me to join this field!”.

Her professional value in the field, which occupies only 2% of Latin women, is highly acclaimed. Lucero Chavez BasilioChairman Latin Bar Association, Said of Camille: “It is important for us to be considered professional and competent, so we celebrate that Ms. Vasquez can be an enthusiastic lawyer and that is enough. It’s wonderful that he’s a role model, or at least an inspiration to other lawyers. “

Camille’s skill is already a part of history, this time, no one can claim the real name of the winner more accurately than him, he was able to solve a problem with the weight of all his spotlights. And took her to the stratosphere in view of a circumstance, but it would have punished her even more if the end result had been unfavorable. Camille Vásquez shines in his own light.

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