New species, conservation projects and lots of science: Three amazing species are making the news in Latin America

The birth of a yonko chick like never before since 1943, the discovery of a new species of salamander and a project to save the Rancho Grande clown frog from extinction. Hope for species conservation in Latin America. Here we tell you all the details of these stories that are news in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela.

1 Chile: After 70 years, the birth of Yonko brings hope to this bird on Chanaral Island

yonko chick. Photo: Ecology and Diversity of Seabirds.

After more than seven decades he was born For the first time a yonko chick on the island of Chanelral in Chile. This seabird has not been recorded in the area since 1943 after it was subjected to severe predation by invasive species. Read more here

2 Colombia: New species of salamander discovered in the cloud forests of Cundinamarca

A new species of salamander in Colombia (Bolitoglossa muisca).  Photo: Yeny López-Perilla.
A new species of salamander in Colombia (Bolitoglossa muisca). Photo: Yeny López-Perilla.

Its length is about 5 cm. Its tail is thick and short, and it has no lungs. What is the animal? In the cloud forests of Cundinamarca, Colombia, researchers They discovered a new type of amphibian. Read more here

3 Venezuela: A Race Against Time to Save Rancho Grande’s Clown Frog | interview

Rancho Grande Harlequin Toad colors are not meant to be toxic. Image credit: Margherita Lambeau.

It’s possible Save the Rancho Grande Harlequin toad from extinction Species endemic to Venezuela? The conservation project led by researcher Margherita Lambeau succeeds. In this interview, he explains what it’s about and the threats facing the species. Read more here

main image: A new species of salamander in Colombia (Bolitoglossa muisca). picture: Juan David Fernandez.


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