Sebastian Cordova is fined by the Disciplinary Committee after being released on VAR

ESPNMay 26, 2023, 20:06 ETReading: 3 min.

The pulse of the first leg final between Tigres and Chivas

Relive the best moments of the first episode of the Grand Finals and hear the opinions of ESPN experts.

The Tigers striker complained to the networks about Alejandro Mayorga’s tackle in the first leg against Chivas and received a financial penalty.

Sebastian CordovaMidfielder UANL TigersThe team for the finals MX LeaguePermission granted by Regulatory Authority.

“The Regulatory Authority Informs that it has decided to impose a financial penalty FRANCISCO SEBASTIAN CORDOVA REYESMay 25 of this year, since yesterday, he made a publication on his social networks in violation of the sanctions of the Mexican Football Federation”.

was added discipline That Sebastian CordovaSpecifically, Rule 71 Subsection d was violated, which ‚Äúpenalizes a player, member of the technical staff and/or official who makes criticisms or negative comments through the referee and/or the media and/or social networks. VAR“. Likewise, the organization of the Mexican Football Federation Mr. FRANCISCO SEBASTIAN CORDOVA REYES In their future conduct, if this type of action is repeated, The Regulatory Authority More stringent sanctions can be imposed against them.

Sebastian Cordova complained to the networks about a controversial move and was sanctioned.Imago7

It should be remembered that Tigers They are playing the first match of the Grand Final Chivas del GuadalajaraIt ended in a goalless draw at the University ground.

And after the same Cordova He ‘complained’ on social networks about the strong success of Alejandro Mayorga.

The above, after a post by ESPN Referee Expert, Felipe Ramos RizoBy releasing a video of the play, he confirmed “red for Mallorca and the ‘singer’ leaves his yellow”, referring to the match’s central referee Fernando Guerrero.

Sebastian Cordova Ramos responded to Rizzo’s ‘tweet’ by saying: “Unbelievable they didn’t review VAR“, he has retweeted many posts from various media on his personal account, that’s why Regulatory Authority decided to punish him financially

It should be remembered that the Mexican Football Federation has been strict with the code of conduct it has imposed for some years, so it is not surprising that footballers continue to be allowed in national football.

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