New exhibition space honors Enedina Pérez (+ photos)

Las Tunas.- A new exhibition space named Enedina Pérez Rojas was recently inaugurated in the José Martí Provincial Library. The first personal expo of the plastic artist Camilo González Amado, a landscape painter by nature, honors the exponent of Pro-Arte in the province with his paintings.

Thus, the creators have another place to share their works, precisely in one of the most important cultural entities of the Balcón de Oriente. In the words of Carmen Velázquez Quintana, director of the septuagenarian institution, “as a center that treasures historical memory, we realize that Pro-Arte in Las Tunas had great significance and is not paid all the tribute that it should.
Enedina Pérez Gallery 4“So, together with José Ángel Naranjo, at the head of the Perspective Cultural Project, we started this idea, which not only pays tribute to the protagonists of another era, but also allows us to exchange with contemporary artists of the territory, which enriches our to do”.
Although the space is simple, the directive highlights the love with which it was conceived and the importance of remembering a figure, whose production emphasizes the pen drawing, showing a variety of characters and themes. He also announced that each month the provincial library plans to share a different exhibition.Enedina Pérez 5 Camilo Gallery
“I am proud that my work was selected for the opening of this site. I always try to bring the Cuban landscape to the canvas. This is a representation of our countryside, based on trips that I have made through various provinces. In addition, I make an effort so that the result is realistic, “says Camilo.
For his part, Naranjo, main manager of this materialized dream, highlights: “The Perspective Project has among its current work objectives to rescue the memory of figures who left traces in the culture of Tunisia and who are not sufficiently remembered or valued today. We did it with the inauguration at the Rafael Ferrero Gallery Historian’s Office and we have others in mind.Enedina Pérez Gallery 2
“Coincidentally, Pro-Arte made exhibitions in the provincial library, in the midst of difficult moments, before the triumph of the Revolution, and Enedina was there, along with other consecrated persons, defending our culture. Those are our roots and it is necessary to return to them. As the catalog says: ´Enedina, you already have your gallery, so that the artists pay homage to you by exhibiting their works´ “.
Naranjo is satisfied that Camilo was chosen for the genesis of the space, because he is “a disciplined, talented, modest young man whose work has attracted the attention of demanding audiences in several Cuban provinces. This graduate of the former Academy de Artes Plásticas de Las Tunas, in addition to medium and large formats, cultivates the miniature. He is a man of art. “

Enedina Pérez Gallery 1

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