Alexis Vega, Charlie Rodriguez Chivas de Guadalajara Guardian of the Riotos de Monterrey 1 Matches 2021 I Liga MX

The joy shown by the players Shivas of Guadalajara, After receiving the title of Confoffin pre-Olympics with U23 national team, They caused Alexis Vega Presented a proposal to the team that it would get the midfielder Carlos Rodriguez, Player Riotos from Monterrey.

After being provided as Best athlete before the Olympics, Alexis Vega is the most ecstatic element in the trio celebrations Who drives Jaime Lozano He had received his ticket since the previous Sunday Tokyo Olympics, So he started his petition The leadership of the holy flock.

In a video he uploaded to his Instagram account, Alexis did not hide his interest in hiring “Charlie” Rodriguez, One of the best fliers in Mexican football, who aspires to go Europe: “Take him to Shivas”, In the video he recorded live, he shouted, Scorer of Sivas.

For its part, Jose Juan Maccas, in another part of the record Suggested that emerged from the element Riotos from Monterrey Who is an important part of the technician’s plan Javier “Vasco” Aguirre, Do not rule out the possibility of changing shirts: “You will Sivas?”, He asked Guardian 1 Ans 2021 Holy Herd With six notes.

This time Chivas Midfield Owned Jesus Molina and Alan Eduardo Torres, Who snatched the title Fernando Feltron, But there are not many variations on this position because the other bench elements are defenders or forwards, which is why most midfielders Coach Vector Manuel Vusetich can perform better, Holding water up to his neck before the horrific results of the Guadalajara team, he is marching with 12 tables. Guard 1 2021.

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