Norma Palafox came out crying with Cruz AzulMediotiempo injured

Norma Palafox hits the skies with Guadalajara, he became top scorer, one of the club’s leaders and won the league title. However, she later made several decisions that took her away from court Little by little its brightness faded.

And while the player has tried to revive his career on the pitch, the striker has not been able to match the level he showed at the crease. His time at Pachuca, Atlas and Cruz Azul was sensible.

Why did Norma Balafox cry and quit the game?

In her debut with the cement companies, Norma Palafox gradually regained prominence as she became a regular in the La Noria team. However, in the Juarez game Unfortunately he got injured for which he had to leave the pitch in tears.

In the 62nd minute, Norma went to fight for the ball He injured his right knee, so he immediately threw himself on the grass with significant expression of pain. Aides arrived and the light blue attacker was seen leaving the field crying.

What is the injury to the striker?

Until now, The Light Blue team has not released a statement on the severity of Norma Palafox’s injurySo in the next few days we will know how many games the lead is not performing.

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