What is the lever under the steering wheel: why is it important to use it?

Modern cars have many buttons and levers that help you turn things on and off or adjust seats, mirrors, and more. However, we don’t always know exactly what they are for.

Lever under the steering wheelNot everyone knows what it is for and many prefer not to use it.

What is the lever under the steering wheel?

A lever under the steering wheel of a car This is called the steering tilt adjustment lever. Although this may seem like a simple and basic function, it is very important in terms of driver safety and comfort.

Lever Steering tilt adjustment It is usually located at the base of the steering column, near the base of the steering wheel.

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How does the lever under the steering wheel work?

Steering tilt adjustment lever It is usually located under the steering column and is used to adjust the steering angle. The lever works by releasing a locking mechanism that allows the steering wheel to move up and down or tilt back and forth.

When you pull the lever, a locking pin or latch that holds the steering wheel is released. It allows you to move the steering wheel up or down or forward or backward. After adjusting the steering wheel to your desired position, you can release the lever, which will re-engage the locking mechanism and lock the steering wheel in place.

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Some vehicles may have additional features, such as telescoping, that allow the steering wheel to move closer to or above the driver. In these cases, Adjusting lever It works in conjunction with other mechanisms to allow for many types of adjustments.

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It’s important to note that the specific design of the steering tilt adjustment lever varies between different makes and models of vehicles, so it’s always a good idea to consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to use it.


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