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Beyond the glamorous side, fame can turn some celebrities into targets, and not only from reviews on social networks, but also from situations outside the network. Who can testify to this Niall Horan, Now known, faced a break at his London home in July last year. As revealed Daily Mail, Was the singer “Shock and shock”, After a person jumps on the balcony of his London apartment to enter the building. According to the report, the 29-year-old allegedly jumped a wall and followed a resident inside the Pop Star building before entering the house. Fortunately, the former One Direction member was out that day, however his personal assistant who had to deal with the situation, he called the police. “Niall was not home at the time, but one of his assistants was there and saw the man walking through the apartment to the outside lobby.”The alleged media quoted. “He overcame the intruder to keep talking to him until security came,” he adds. According to this version, the suspect was determined by the police that he was under the influence of some object, so they released him, however, he returned to the building the next day, this time he was arrested. “He returned to the apartment building the next day, but they caught him on a closed circuit television and his photo was spread among the staff working in the building,” the informant said. “Security saw him on cameras and stopped him very quickly, and he was arrested. “. The case, which was not found guilty of two counts of robbery in Kingston Crown Court last December, is expected to go to trial on July 5.

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