Jo Jo will enter the Celebrity House Television

Known as Jose Antonio Garcia Rivera Joe JoeHe will enter La Casa de los Famosos today, Monday, to surprise his mother Maribili Rivera, who entered the 'reality show' last January.

This was confirmed by Jimena Gallego and Nacho Lozano, the hosts of the show, yesterday Monday, when it was saved for the sixth time by the support of the Puerto Rican public.

Earlier, La Jefa had expected the Puerto Rican businessman and Lubilo Rivera to receive a surprise today that would “leave them speechless.”

A top official in the 'reality show' revealed the following via account X: “Clovis' departure shook the Fourth Earth, and today the citizens are thirsty to win the leader's trial. Tonight Lupilo and Maribili will have a surprise that will leave them speechless.

Throughout the entire match Maribelly made it clear that Jo Jo was the “love of her life” and that she misses him.

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Last night, hundreds of fans celebrated the salvation of Puerto Rican Maribili Rivera in the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos.

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At the moment, ten residents are in the competition: Maribili Rivera, Rodrigo Rome, Lubilo Rivera, Alana Literas, La Melaza, Aleska Genesis, Geraldine Bazan, Paulo Quevedo, Cristina Porta and Patricia Corcino.

Christian Estrada, Leslie Gallardo, Fernando Lozada, Mariana González, Sophie Durand, “La Bebeshita”, Robbie Mora, Guty Carrera, Alfredo Adame, La Bronca, Serrath, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Clovis Nienow did not lose the majority vote. of the audience. While Tali Garcia was disqualified for leaving the show, Gregorio Bernia and La Divasa reached an agreement with the production to leave the house and Carlos Gomez was evicted for assault.

LCDLF is telecast today on Tuesday at 11:30 pm in a special time

The finale of the 'reality show' will be held on May 20.

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