Netflix’s first video games are coming to Android

The Video games produced by Netflix They really start. The company announces that from November 3 all Netflix subscribers will have access to the first mobile games.

These topics They are available on Android and are available in: Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast And Dieter Up. Everything can be run at no extra charge, and only an active subscription to the main Netflix service is required.

The company also explains some important details about how its gaming division operates. First, these will appear within the Neflix app for Android, and you can download and run them in a special section on tablets or phones.

As is already a tradition in the mobile world, games do not require additional fees or micro transactions.

Another important detail is that to use games, an internet connection is not absolutely necessary: ​​”Some may require a connection, but others may play offline mode,” says Netflix, “making those moments without WiFi or very tolerable with a bad signal.”

In addition, the games will be available to all user profiles within the same account and without restrictions: it will now work: a limited number of users at once depending on the program.

Netflix says these five games are the beginning of its ambitious plan to enter the world of mobile video games. This ad is for Android and again these titles are noteworthy Should be expanded to iOS in the future, Especially in the United States its users did not leave the party.

However, the fact that the games are downloaded from the Netflix app and not from the Apple Store may be a stone’s throw away from other events. Completed in gigantic and million dollar cases.

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