Share. You can execute 12 hidden functions in seconds

If you are true Share Despite the controversy over its privacy policy update, you “did not get off the boat” to go Telegraph, We have good news for you 12 functions that the application hid So far, you can use them by following these steps.

12 hidden functions of WhatsApp and how to implement them

  • Prevent photos and videos from being stored on your cell phone

Prevent your smartphone’s memory from being cluttered with unnecessary files such as Tweety Good Morning or thousands of inspiring phrases in pictures. All you have to do is enter Settings, Coming soon Chats There you can disable the option Media file visibility.

  • ‘Unread’ conversations

Sure you forgot to open a dialog and reply, but you can avoid that hassle by clicking on the chat for a few seconds and selecting the option Mark as unread, As you do in your email.

  • Disappear the last link

If you do not want to spy on your links, go ahead Settings, Then ர சி து Then Privacy. There is an option for this Finally saw You can only select for all or some contacts, however it is important to remember that you will not be able to see the last link of your contacts if you disable this option.

To find out if a message has been sent, received or read, click on it and select the menu with three dots and click on the option Information There you will find all the details of the message.

  • Listen to audios before sending

You have to be fast with your fingers to pull this trick. Once you’ve recorded the audio, you’ll need to exit the app as soon as you press the record button, and when you re-enter the dialog you’ll see the audio maintained, and you can listen to, delete, or send it.

  • News of self-destruction

The Temporary News Activates by clicking on the contact name in a predetermined lifetime chat Posts And then inside Enabled.

To find out which contact you are most in touch with, you need to go Settings, Click Storage data And inside Storage usage.

In the menu Settings You click Chats Select the option Wallpaper, You can find all the pictures available for each of your conversations.

  • Change the text format

This function can be used to highlight text or to emphasize certain messages, with two letters before and after the text. * Bold font *, _italics_ The Passed.

Don’t miss an important message out of the hundreds of texts you receive each day, mark them as favorites by clicking on them, select the star, and then quickly find them Featured Posts.

By customizing the tone of each contact, identify who is sending you the message without looking at the screen. Click and press the name Custom tone.

  • Become a beta tester

If you are already familiar with these hidden functions, you should be one Beta Tester WhatsApp. You may be one of the first people to try new functions that integrate the application, this time the trial program has already reached the maximum potential of the participants, so you will have to wait until the program re-emerges.

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