How many players have been blocked, forever

If you’ve ever felt cheated at Warson, you’re not alone. Unfortunately for you, the creators of Call of Duty are not very happy with practices like this.

No less than 60,000 people cheated Call of duty: Warson “banned”. In other words, their access to the video game is cut off forever, and if they invest any money in micro transactions or in-app purchases, the money is lost.

This ban wave is not the first, but the third since the game started. Even so, if you do a quick search on Twitter, YouTube or Reddit, you will find that the gesture of activation came too late for a large number of players. In an environment where the internet is full of videos that players boast that computers can cheat, many have already stopped playing Warson.

It has long been known that this game has a big problem with fraud, the big streamers on Twitch and YouTube have announced with trumpets and trumpets that they will not give it a chance. Such a post by the famous Volcker seems to have triggered a permanent ban on the game for about 60,000 people who cheated on the Victor 123.

The situation has become very embarrassing when committing fraud Call of Duty Warson, Because it is packed with people on YouTube who broadcast live how they cheat in the game without any consequences from the developers. It is not clear what fraudulent software the detainees used, but it appears that the engine was Owing. In the past, due to the same program, 70,000 soldiers were expelled from Code Warson in April 2020 and 20,000 in September 2020.

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