Netflix: This is the reason why they decided to cancel one of the most watched series in the world

Netflix It is, like all businesses in the world, one of the largest streaming sites affected by the Govt-19 epidemic; Despite this, the application Does not stop creating content to update its template monthly, But was forced to cancel some of the projects that had been planned in succession.

This time it a The series has caused a stir since it came to the streaming giant, Which was released on August 6 as it became one of the most watched in a month.

According to the Special Medium Timeline, “Hit & Run” is a project that ends abruptly, It left the opportunity to continue the story even though the first season was over.

In a special media report It has been confirmed that the reason for the cancellation of the second part is related to the budget cutDue to the epidemic, it is not possible to create such an expensive series.


The series has very good cast and filming is said to be very expensive because it took three years to make the first installment, but beyond that, it had to be done. Production costs include locations in New York and Israel.

Unfortunately played for lovers of the series Lior Ross, Sanaa Lathan, Galen Om, Moran Rosenblot, Greg Henry Y. Cal Doren It is unlikely to continue, but it is clear that they will remain in the hearts of Netflix users who have given them great support since August 6th.

The results of that big reception came immediately because it is said to have been seen worldwide and placed second Only in the eighth month of the year behind the “external banks” more views in the world.

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The other series was canceled

In addition to the above, Netflix has canceled production of the larger series throughout 2021, As a sequel was expected, but cut to the budget and kept the story right there, just like that “Monarch”, “The Irregulars”, “The Legacy of Jupiter”, “Typical”, among others.

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