Nelson Avila celebrates Salvador Nasrallah and Manuel Zelaya’s desire to form an alliance

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.– Presidential candidate for the party’s “July 5” movement Independence and Restoration (Free), Nelson Avila, Celebrated that opportunity Salvador Nasrallah and Manuel Zelaya Thinking about an alliance.

Through Facebook, Avila shared a video of Nasrallah and Zelaya, in which the two talked about their desire to strengthen the opposition coalition.

“… from previous months, as a decisive political tool to rebuild the country, the dialogue to establish a broadly successful coalition against the narco-state. United, Win and Transform!”, Says a part of Avila. Post congratulating both political leaders.

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Candidate for the party Salvador from HondurasIn an interview with former President Zelaya, Nasrallah said, “We are Hondurans, we want the benefit of Honduras, I want to redeem my country, I did not do it for money, and no more.”

“It is my duty, Mel and I are already approaching 70 years of age. We must leave this world. When referring to an alliance, we leave the country with the tradition of a democratic government that cares about the people,” he said.

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Zelaya, for his part, told Juan Orlando that “the conversation is open” and that “he will never return to establish a political dialogue with the only person he has ever been to.”

He added, “Salvador and other leaders are united by the need to live in a country where you can go out on the streets and not be attacked, where there are no sick people who can hear a baby bread or have access to hospitals.”

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