Natalia Jimenez: Life continues to surprise her

Singing was a desire he wanted to grow up with, but he never imagined going that far. There was even content listening to it in spaces with a small audience, such as a bar or a small nightclub. But over time his privileged metallic voice began to be appreciated by thousands not only on his own land but also internationally.

More than two decades of her professional career, including her appearance on the La Quinta Estacian group, have passed, but Spanish translator Natalia Jimenez is reevaluating the surprises life gives her.

“I sang in the subway, I sang in the street, I sang in the bars, I was in a casual country music band. I never imagined in my life (my success), that’s why I’m so happy, that’s why I say thank you every day, ‘My God, how good it was for me. , How lucky I am! ‘ Through a video call from his home in Miami, Florida, the artist smiled at Primer Hora and encouraged his new record production. Mexico II of my heart, Available from today.

Over the weekend he performed with the MS band at Madison Square Garden in New York. Experience reminds him of the opportunity to gradually resume his work routine. But at the same time, the reality of spending more time away from home and away from her little Alessandra’s company is the product of her past relationship with Cuban Daniel Tropa, who divorced last year.

“Now what I miss about the epidemic is being with my daughter all the time, doing things with her all day, because we had good plans during the epidemic, and some plans, and then I’m going to catch her and take her to the beach. We both went to the pool a lot, we We went to the park a lot and did a lot of things. Coach voice At True La Vos Kids Colombia, And coach Senior voice, From the same country.

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“I enjoy working. I enjoy doing what I love on the road. I have a daughter who says yes to one week and not one week. The good thing is, I can do all my work in one week and dedicate myself to her whenever I can in the other week.” , He praised the singer in October he turns 5 years old. The agreement with Tropa to spend the same time with the girl seems to be relevant to the girl’s well-being.

“Eventually we’ve been in joint custody. I’ve been with him for a week and a week. When I have to go on a trip, he’s finally taken care of her. That’s how we see each other. This is what it means to travel and study somewhere. I want to sing from my home, ”he said.“ I am a working mother. This is our turn. “

Knowing that she was still young, Natalia did not notice that Alessandra was interested in music for now. What I see from her is that she was like me when I was a little girl, and I went on to become a scientist. I like rocks and dinosaurs. I wanted to be an archaeologist, imagine, she is too. I buy him these national geographical boxes that come with the stones. I make volcanoes at home. She is like that, ”he said The sun has not returned, I believe myself And Be with her.

Suddenly he starts to sing and follows me. She is so funny. Get out of the room and start (sing) ‘Mom’, With vibration. It’s a lot of fun, but I don’t see it as an artist. It will come out for now, “he laughed.

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With Mexico in the soul

The singer-songwriter celebrates the start of production today Mexico II of my heart, Continues the tradition of coring the country opening its doors at its inception. The piece, produced by Sergio Lizarro, contains 15 songs and includes four unpublished songs, one of the distinguishing features of the award-winning album. Mexico of my heart (2019).

“I feel like this album speaks to a lot of classical music. We’re very old-fashioned, we’re gone to the basics. How good you are being.

“I wanted it to sound a little retro for previous songs and recordings written by Juan Gabriel, Jose Alfredo Jimenez.

Second advertising cut My ego, Which was released yesterday, and features the voice of Jose Favela.

“You’re gone, I don’t know why, but here I love you for the rest of my life and hope it will be good for you,” he explained. “We have known each other for a long time and this is the first time we have composed a song together. I am so glad he sent me this unpublished song because he is a great composer.

The record production includes his classic version It comes from my heart, glad to meet you, I forgot again And If they let us, Among others.

Mexico II of my heart It includes a whole work of art on a visual level. The album has a music video for each song, which will be released gradually according to the ad cut. Colorful footage recorded outside due to the Govit-19 epidemic was taken in Guanajuato, and covers its culture, natural beauty and fields including Dolores Hidalco, Salvathiera and Mineral Wells.

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Referring to the late Mexican regional musician, he said, “We chose it because it was the birthplace of Jose Alfredo Jimenez.” “I am very grateful to the state of Guanajuato for allowing me to participate.

Costume creation by Mexican designer Benito Santos was inspired by the era of Mexican gold cinema. “He has created costumes for these amazing videos, with classic cuts from Mexican movies from the 40s and 50s, because we wanted to recreate this elegance of the Mexican region beforehand,” said the artist who worked on the projects. Couture from 2019.

As part of the promotional plans for the album, he also plans to hold a concert tour next year in the US and other parts of the world, whose dates they hope to announce soon.

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