The prosecutor was insulted after Expello was sent to the Encarnacian prison

Relatives and friends of the accused raised slogans against the plaintiff’s lawyer after learning that former Major League player Juan Encarnacion had been remanded in custody for three months against Santiago.

Upon leaving the courtroom, there were unpublished epithets in the insults against Carlos Balkeser.

“Justice sold, lied, sought saree, seller, he is innocent”, Part of the words they used against him.

Paul Chaser left the courtroom and made statements to reporters waiting outside the courthouse, but could not be heard as it happened in the middle of the incident.

At the time of the Encarnacion, the National District Justice Palace was moved to the fourth floor, Fellow citizens and friends came there to support him and ask for “justice.” By incarnation, he is innocent. ”

Carlos Morrell, one of its legal representatives, pointed out that there were persistent irregularities and contradictions in the process. There is no investigation to confirm the girl’s behavior, except for an audio indicating that the minor was handled.

Similarly, it pointed out that it was important to indicate the time for the type of report submitted because the incident was reported two months after the incident and the accused filed the complaint four months later, without using evidence to analyze it. And determine their behavior well

However, attorney Francisco Sabe insisted that the arguments put forward by the public ministry were sufficient for the judge to accept the request for a coercion against Enkarnasian.


Among the friends who protested for the freedom of the former Major League Baseball player was found by his former partner Rosario Abreu, who said the former player was innocent and that he ended the relationship with him because of the complainant.

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“To that woman, for the manipulation I could not bear myself. She called me, insulted me, told me things,” he said.

Relatives and neighbors assured Encarnación that he was a “good” man, fighting to destroy his name and appealing if possible, assuming that the woman’s mother was only looking for money.

“This is an injustice, unfortunately we are not going to allow it, so the last consequences are taken and our family name is erased.Because everyone knows where we came from and who we are, ”said Fernando Contreras, close to Encarnacion.

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