UEFA attacks Real Madrid: ‘Florentino laments, then tries to sign Mbappé for 180 million’ – Tees

The UEFA Has done it again. Alexander Seferin. Real Madrid, Barcelona And Juventus, To his endeavor of constant encouragement Superlica.

Although these companies have ceased to be part of the federation and plan to create controversial competition, he commented to German media Der Spiegel that he is too ‘comfortable’ to want to compete in the upcoming competition. Champions League.

“I don’t care if they leave, they have a lot of fun wanting to create a new tournament, while wanting to play in the Champions League this season,” he said. Ceferin.

He added: “These clubs have simply incompetent managers. Those people tried to kill football.”

According to the leader UEFAThe aforementioned companies “complain that salaries are too high despite negotiating contracts themselves” and see what they did Florentino Perez When trying to sign in the galaxy Kylian Mbappé.

“(Florentino) says Madrid Can only survive through a Super League, then try to sign Kylian Mbappé For 180 million, ”the manager commented.

Ceferin He admitted to receiving threats over the phone from a counselor Superlica. This person suggested that the UEFA should organize the tournament and when he refused, he said he would sue because he ruled that interested clubs had a lot of money and influence.

– Rejected FIFA idea –

In the end, the Slovenian lawyer and businessman rejected FIFA’s idea of ​​hosting a World Cup every two years, and hoped the company would recall it.

“I hope FIFA comes to its senses. I do not think talking to everyone except the federations is the right way to approach this. They did not tell us anything, no call, no email … we only know what we saw in the press. We can decide not to participate. As far as I know, South Americans think so too. Congratulations on a World Cup without our two federations. I do not think this will happen, it is against the basic tenets of football.

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