NASA Will Send Another Dog to Mars for Exploration and Rescue, Now It's in Training – Teach Me About Science

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from 90s We don't send puppies into space. do, The first sent dog was Laika, and later, more dogs were sent into space as part of missions by what was then known as the Soviet Union. Now, the Pot has provided the spirit, another puppy traveling to Mars: here the puppy will be a robot. This is amazing projectwas invited Lassi (Autonomous Surface Science with Legs in an Analog Environment)Funded by Pot and has the collaboration of experts from various universities NASA Johnson Space Center.

Until now, planetary exploration missions depended on pre-planned projects.Planned. This has limited capacity Rovers To adapt to unexpected changes in the landscape or to identify observations of scientific value in a way Autonomy. As he As the Mars exploration rover Spirit Insight faced challenges related to understanding the lander's properties RegolithA layer of dust and loose rock covering the surface tuesday.

where is this the spirit and project Lassi They will have Important tasks. Researchers are investigating how legged robots can measure properties of the surface regolith and use those measurements to self-renew. Scientific activities programs. In other words, Spirit can adapt to changes in terrain and make autonomous decisions about where to go and what to investigate. ¡Spirit really is like an autonomous and conscious puppy!


To test skills the spiritTwo similar field sites of the White Sands dune field were selected Mount Hood in New Mexico and Oregon. White sand A field of hills Property Gypsum provides a variety of sedimentary structures including loose sand and salt, calcium carbonate and crust Microorganisms. These scabs look just like that observed on Mars and can alter erosion and sediment transportaffecting the motion of the rovers.

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A quadrupedal robot trained in White Sands, New Mexico. Source: Lassi

On the other hand, the Mount Hood is a stratovolcano that provides a frozen volcanic environment with debris-covered glaciers., lava flows and pyroclastic deposits. Although he Mount Hood Mars has a different composition than Mars, providing a stronger environment to test how Snow affects Properties of regolith. He Ice cube can have a strong effect on Properties Geotechnical Regolith, and understand How does it sum of Ice cube Inside There is a floor Important For future work Study.

At these field sites analogies, the spirit Experiments will be performed to measure variations in ground resistance using foot motors. These include compression and shear tests to measure the mechanical response of the regolith. In addition, Spirit will be equipped with additional instruments such as a Decay spectrometer Laser Induced (LIBS), A fluorescence spectrometer X-ray (XRF), A microscopic imaging system and a soil moisture resistance probe, to to get Physical properties and Compositional properties of regolith.

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