What would the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island look like on the iPad?

The new iPads may be the best of the iPhone 14 Pro!

The Dynamic Island One of the most appreciated changes of iPhone 14 Pro. Even if it sounds familiar, it is Apple’s decision to change the dateSome people imagined that this component presented a few days ago is very elegant and practical.

But it’s not enough to get excited, and there are already people who plan to go What this island looks like on iPads. This time it happened Designer Parker Ortolani took on the task of executing the project With an incredible result.

What would the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island look like on the iPad?

This concept replaces the largest island with many smaller islands

Concept of Dynamic Island on iPad

The first thing he took into account was the iPad measurements. Therefore, instead of proposing a large island, the designer envisioned several smaller islands, called “island menus” on the iPad. “Hover around areas of the dynamic island to access powerful features from your favorite iPad apps,” he explains.

What would the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island look like on the iPad?

Dynamic Island Concept on iPad/Parker Ortolani

This change could improve multitasking, as it would allow “apps to live at the top of the screen” while providing shortcut menus for quick access. Apple recently brought Universal Control to the iPad and Mac, and now working on Stage Manager, the new dynamic island cutout will fit the new iPad Pro models.

What would the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island look like on the iPad?

A dynamic island can improve multitasking.

That’s one reason why Dynamic Island will come to Apple’s pre-ordered devices, as components and functionality are more common to iPhones and iPads. An upcoming eventSo far, analysts expect it to take place in October and focus on iPads and Macs. This makes a lot of sense since Apple is supposed to officially launch macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.

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