NASA reports that a meteorite with a power of 440 pounds crashed in Vermont, USA.

A Meteor The night sky was over Vermont On Sunday, March 7, there were earthquakes that shook the Earth, creating a light scene and burning the atmosphere.

Asteroid blast path through the atmosphere releases 440 pounds (200 kilograms) equivalent D.N.T., Says the meteorite may be 10 pounds 6 inches (15 centimeters) in diameter NASA.

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NASA says the spacecraft collided with the atmosphere at 42,000 miles per hour, and appeared as a bright fireball in the northern part of the state at 5:38 pm just before sunset.

A local news outlet reported calls from across the state after the event, and Vermont residents described it as a “loud roar and body vibration” as the meteorite made its way upwards.

According to eyewitnesses, NASA estimates that the fireball appeared 84 kilometers east of Mount Mansfield State Forest, east of Burlington, the state’s largest city.

Then it was 53 km.

According to NASA, the shock wave was the result of a meteorite rupture caused by atmospheric pressure.

When a large parent asteroid’s ball-sized piece moves through the atmosphere at about 55 times the speed of sound, a pre-built pressure and a vacuum form behind it. Finally, the stress of that difference caused the rock to explode.

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