Who will fight Ordega for the presidency of Nicaragua?

Five candidates will run against the Nicaraguan leader, Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, who is starting to become his favorite as seven of the opposition’s presidential candidates who have emerged as his main rivals for the fifth and fourth time have been arrested.

Cristiano Zamoro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiga, Juan Sebastian Zamoro, Miguel Mora, Mardo Myrena and Noel Vitare have all been jailed on charges of “treason” for failing to run for office next Sunday.

Christiana Zamoro, daughter of former President Violeta Barrios de Zamoro (1990-1997), who defeated Ortega in the 1990 election, was the most likely opposition candidate to win the election.

They are candidates for the presidency of former guerrilla Ortega, who co-chaired the government from 1979 to 1985 and served as head of state for the first time from 1985 to 1990, returning to power in 2007. .

Walter Espinosa

Deputy Walter Espinoza is the Constitutional Liberal Party (PLC) candidate for Nicaragua’s presidency.

He replaced Milton Arcia, a tourism businessman who resigned his candidacy following a request by the Sandinist-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) plc to remove the main opposition Ciudadanos por la Libertad (CxL) coalition from the electoral process. Allegedly violating election law and other laws, it actually happened.

Born in Managua in 1979, Espinoza did not win the 2006 general election as a by-candidate.

In the 2012 municipal election, he was elected Managua councilor and vice president in the 2016 national election.

Her promotion to the PLC is linked to the party’s leader, Maria Heidi Ozuna.

He studied tourism and hotel management and married Lisette Murillo, who has three children.

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Guillermo Osorno

Nicaraguan Christian Way (CCN)’s presidential candidate is Vice President and Reverend Guillermo Osorno.

In the last 2016 general election, he was elected Vice President of the Central American Parliament (Parlasen) by the Santinistas-led coalition.

He was the presidential candidate in the 1996 elections, in which he received 4.1% of the vote, and under the Electoral Act, he held a seat in the National Assembly from 1997-2002.

In the following electoral processes he affiliated himself with the PLC-led coalition and was re-elected Vice President for the period 2002-2007 and 2007-2012.

In the 2011 and 2016 national elections, he joined the ruling Santinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) -led Nicaragua Trincomalee coalition and ran as a by-election candidate before Parsons, where he was twice elected.

The Honorable received criticism for registering a business executive and CCN legal representative and his son Abraham Osorno as a deputy candidate.

Marcelo Montiel

Attorney Marcelo Montiel, 49, is the presidential candidate of the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN) party, a group known for collaborating with Sandinistas, which he denies.

He was a deputy candidate in the 2011 general election but did not win.

“They can’t call me a collaborator or a striker because I’m clean,” says Montiel, who, in Nicaragua, is more of a ‘concentration of powers’ than a dictatorship.

“Being here is the concentration of power, in practice, we see that all powers are subject to Mr. Ortega,” he explains.

Gerson Gutierez Gasparín

Gerson Gutiérrez Gasparín, 29, is the youngest of six contestants to run for president. Compete for the Republican Alliance (APR).

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He is a lawyer and notary public, holds a master’s degree in criminal law and says he could come to a better presidency than Salvador Naib Bougainville.

He originally belonged to a rural community in the Madagalpa area north of Nicaragua, and he has lived in the capital since he was 14, where he completed his high school and university education.

Speaking to Efe, he criticized the international community for questioning the Nicaraguan electoral process.

“The big problem with our valued friends in the international community is that they only listen to a part of specific opposition groups, and by listening to only a part of them, they have a biased opinion or version,” he says.

He points to the growing immigration of Nicaraguans as one of the country’s major problems.

The three sisters are running as candidates for their party representatives.

Mauricio O’Reilly

Mauricio Orue, 53, is the presidential candidate of the Liberal Liberal Party (PLI), although he is currently a supporter of the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN).

He is referred to as an evangelist, lawyer and medical psychologist and as a collaborator and ally of the Sandinists in Parliament, where he votes alongside them.

In May 2017, he was accused of financial fraud at the Evangelical University of Nicaragua, which had entered into an agreement with the Central American Institute of Higher Education (ICES), which had joined Orue, which failed.

The PLI presidential candidate has asked the international community not to boycott the election.

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