Universe without George Ramos: The journalist has a coward and they unite in prayer to make it dangerous for him.

Has been confirmed George Ramos is suffering from Govt disease And it is in isolation. The Universe reporter made it public through his social networks. The virus seems to have caught up with him while he was on vacation in the Seychelles. Now, His most valuable possession is the earrings of his wife, Chiquincuira Delcado.

Through his digital site, he described his experience in these words: “Here you feel so vulnerable and weak so far. There are many things that do not depend on me. I had to get out of control. This is a very different life from the one I have been accustomed to for decades. In the middle of my chest hangs a pain of not being able to sleep.

Govt harassment in the middle of this George Ramos was left alone, his family was not positive, and returned to Miami. His eldest daughter did not want to leave him alone and stayed a few days and took care of him. Commenting on this, the husband of Siquinquira Delgado said: My daughter Paula did not want to leave me alone, she was with me for a few days to take care of me, expressing incredible affection and unity.

I saw her go George Ramos admitted to shedding tears. “I love her and I appreciate her. I want to be like her when I grow up. Seeing her wild hair fall out of the car that took her to the airport, I started to cry like I had not been for decades. For several minutes, I could not control myself,” said the famous University journalist.

The news has struck many of his followers and admirers. Now his family is praying for him so that Kovit is not dangerous, but even his fans and loyal followers who believe it will happen soon. May he endure and gain the strength to heal.

Those who follow him yearn, believe, and pray for complete healing. “God, first God, heal quickly,” said many of his faithful disciples.

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