They will analyze the focus of security agencies on crimes due to gender identity or sexual orientation

The Senate approved a resolution directing the Commission on Human Rights and Labor Issues to investigate what actions and / or ethics have been implemented in the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, the Department of Justice and the Court Administration Office. The gender identity or sexual orientation of crime victims should be categorized and handled according to such circumstances, as well as any other effort to guarantee decent treatment to victims and promote greater institutional awareness.

It is Senate Resolution 78 written by the Senators, Maria de Lourdes Santiago, Rafael Bernabeu, Ana Irma Rivera Lassen, Ada Garcia Montez and Ruben Soto Rivera.

“This action has been translated into heinous crimes. Being able to know what can and cannot be done. All elements of justice benefit from this investigation to work on the issue of hate crimes, ”Rivera Lawson said.

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Among the measures approved during Monday’s session was Senate Bill 59, which declares September each year as “Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month” and September 21 each year as “Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Day” with the aim of educating and educating citizens about the disease. ; Substitution of Senate Bill 5 To promote business growth among veterans and veterans residing in Puerto Rico, amend Section 3 of Act 113-2012, including Section 7, Article 8 of the so-called “Veterans-Small Business Owners Verification Guidelines Act”; The Senate Resolution 74, directing the Economic Development, Essential Services and Consumer Affairs Commission to investigate the efforts of the Puerto Rico Land Administration; And Senate Resolution 92, to conduct a thorough investigation into the working conditions of the public servants of the Family Socio-Economic Development Administration.

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