NASA has warned that a huge meteorite could hit Earth in 2046

Asteroid DW 2023 was discovered on February 26 at a laboratory in Chile.

NASA has reported that it is tracking the path of an asteroid known as 2023 DWIt is the size of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and could fall to Earth on Valentine’s Day 2046.

The new asteroid was discovered on February 26 at a laboratory in Atacama, Chile, the US space agency said. warned that Approximately 50 meters in diameter And there is Impact on February 14, 2046 is a chance at 560. However, it is not yet known where on Earth it will hit.

“Several weeks of data are needed to reduce uncertainties and adequately predict their orbits in the future,” the NASA report warned.

International media have warned The probability of an impact against Earth has changed over the past week. On March 1, the Italian astronomer shared with NASA that the chance was one in 12,000, but the odds increased a day later to one in 710, and are now one in 560.

Asteroid 2046 has a one in 560 chance of hitting Earth on February 14.

According to the official NASA website, the asteroid at 2023 DW is currently at its peak Hazard list The Sentry monitoring system with a 1 on the Torino scale, meaning it does not indicate cause for concern at this time. “A typical discovery in which a near-Earth pass is expected Does not pose any unusual level of risk”, refers to the description on the Torino scale.

“Orbiting observers will continue to monitor the asteroid 2023 DW and update predictions as more data is obtained.”NASA said on its Twitter account. 2023 DW Asteroid Reaches Torino Magnitude 3 US agency warns public

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The DW 2023 collision with Earth is comparable to the Tunguska fireball event, when a 50-meter-diameter asteroid hit the Siberian forest 114 years ago, destroying about 80 million trees.

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