NASA captured a solar eclipse from outer space

NASA took pictures from space of the solar eclipse. This phenomenon cannot be observed from Earth.

In the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO, for its English acronym), NASA was able to take pictures of un The eclipse visible only from space. This phenomenon occurred on June 29.

The eclipse has been partial since then The moon covered only 67% of the sun’s surface At the height of the astronomical event. Pictures of this phenomenon are especially special because With the light of the star shining the relief of the moon.

Chilean astrophotographer Patricio de Leon took a closer look at the image. Thanks to this, he was able to identify some of the mountains that are in the picture. There are two lunar mountain ranges: Leibniz s Doerville.

In the upper panel, an image from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter indicates the mountains mentioned in the lower image. / Patrick Lyon

Towards a better understanding of solar behavior

The Solar Dynamics Observatory It’s a NASA space telescope whose job it is to take pictures of the Sun that allow us to study it in greater depth. SDO Entered orbit on February 11, 2011. Among the reasons that motivated the launch of this telescope was the best Understanding solar phenomena And how it affects our planet.

“The Sun is a variable star,” says Judith Lin, a researcher at the Naval Laboratory in Washington, DC. “It may have a lot of surprises waiting for us.”

in that Homepage they can Consult the images of the sun in real time Through it, phenomena that are impossible to see from planet Earth were observed. The pictures taken by this device are the most Once sharp views of the sun And it allowed us to learn more about the star.

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